Here’s A Way To Help Youth Get “Cared Straight”

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Cared Straight Documentary

In the age of crowdfunding on the internet, the choice of what you contribute a few dollars to are limitless.

Maybe you believe a new type of key fob is going to make the world a better place.  Maybe you want to help a young creative with their series on Croissant Man. Part of Daily Detroit moving forward is suggesting crowdfunding campaigns that solve problems in the city of Detroit or improve life for its residents and visitors.

“Cared Straight,” a documentary by Alan Sedghi, is our first one we’d like to highlight. He is making a documentary about the Youth Deterrent Team, which is a positive and creative solution to some of the serious problems that are facing the U.S. Justice System. The Youth Deterrent Team works with youth to explain the pitfalls that led them to a life of crime. They share stories in a “real-talk” way, and focus on creating a bond with kids in the same place they once were, and hoping to change the course of their situation so they stay on track to make something of their lives.

Cared Straight Documentary

This short trailer for the documentary gives the donator a glimpse of what Alan Sedghi can do and the big problems he is trying to chip away at. This documentary, which includes an appearance by U.S. Justice Szymanksi, is aimed to help to spread this program that is having an impact.  Donating to the program will allow Alan to finish this film and continue on his important work.

The name of the documentary, “Cared Straight,” references the “Scared Straight” program which is focused on showing the negative results of the criminal activity “endgame,” which is what happens inside a jail or morgue. These experiences confront troubled youth with the harsh reality of prison life, and involve negative-reinforcement confrontations with inmates and prison staff. The “Scared Straight” program and others modeled after have been shown to not be a crime deterrent for at-risk youth.

Visit their Kickstarter page for more.

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