WATCH: Ben Affleck Defends Detroit, “It’s An Amazing City”

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Ben Affleck on Real Time With Bill Maher: “There is a tremendous, can-do spirit that has been really, really inspiring to me.”

Ben Affleck on Bill Maher's Show Defending DetroitAlthough the focus on most of the talk of the internet was about Affleck’s criticism of Maher’s “racist” thoughts on Islam, Detroit was part of the conversation too. Affleck also made the point that if the U.S. is going to talk about nation-building, we should make sure to take care of Detroit.

We tried to make it so it loads right at the time the Detroit segment starts …  3 minutes, 32 seconds in … but if it doesn’t work for you that’s where he starts talking about his experiences in the city.

Affleck has been the talk of the town recently as the movie “Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice” has been shooting in our area.

  • Thanks Ben Affleck. I grew up in Detroit and loved the city. I would be so happy to hear that it is making it’s way back. Wonderful people there. Abandoned, I guess.

  • Thanks Ben for defending Detroit
    While bill the idiot just sat and laughed at Detroit and mocked us

  • Bill Maher, Call Detroit an apocalypse ?
    And then laugh at every thing Ben is saying that’s positive? / then you end statement is awe I love Detroit?? ! Really you cut Ben off twice and laughed when he was trying to speak then in a condescending voice replied WHY DETROIT I used to like Bill Maher:
    I mean hater !
    Joanna Viviano / Detroit Michigan

  • Thank you Mr. Affleck. Bill why don’t you (fill in the blank) with a (fill in the blank)

  • Detroit is a great city. We are proud people who believe in our city. How irratating that audience members snicker at the mention of Detroit. It’s the city that brought automobiles to Americans and put Motown on the map! I love Detroit, work in and play in Detroit. The revival of the city over the past 5 years has been substantial. Thanks Ben Affleck for having the courage to stand up for us! Detroit thanks you!

  • Im happy that Ben Affleck stood up for us. But yet not amused that other that have probably not stepped foot in our wonderful heart of Detroit mock and humiliate our home. I LOVE DETROIT! Born and raised. And for Ben to stand up for us just by filming and actually seeing the beauty of our home is a blessing and a courage that we in Detroit are trying to better it back to the beauty it once was. Takes time for that and if others cant capture that, then dont step foot in our home. Period!

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