FIRST LOOK: Addison Eatery On Woodward

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Addison Eatery Red Velvet Waffles

We have three words for you. Red Velvet Waffles.

That’s not the end-all be-all of the concept that Maurice Wiggins and partners have come up with at the Addison Eatery, but it is a strong start.

Addison Eatery began their soft opening this weekend, serving breakfast and lunch to a variety of patrons who braved an under-construction Woodward Avenue to get there.

View out the window of the Addison Eatery

Here are four reasons to think there’s real potential in this space, but let’s be clear that this isn’t a full review as it is a soft opening.

  • Service was friendly and on point. Early soft openings tend to fall flat around service. Even though there were a variety of folks in, items were delivered in a timely and courteous fashion without being annoying all the way down to when we paid our check.
  • Breakfast was solid. Detroit needs more places that serve a good breakfast. Outside of a few, there’s a dearth of places to go in Greater downtown, especially when it comes to event weekends.
  • After talking to the owner, he seems to get that this is a long-haul thing. So many restaurants open without an understanding of the commitment it’s going to take to make something like this go.
  • The location has plenty of potential post-construction. Just a couple blocks from the new Red Wings arena, on the way into the heart of the Midtown neighborhood, and in a dense segment of buildings, there’s urban fabric here. Sitting at the table, you can see what it could be. Who knows if it’s going to happen exactly as planned, but it’s possible.

Breakfast Potatoes at Addison Eatery

After breakfast was consumed, we ran into one of the final contenders for Hatch Detroit’s last round, Lisa from Cock-A-Doodle. We had met through the IT in the D show, and it was good to see her keeping busy in Detroit’s culinary scene. Red velvet waffles was suggested, and we partook.

From there we spent few minutes with one of the owners, Maurice Wiggins. This isn’t the first go for Wiggins, as he was involved in the Hudson Café as well as other establishments.

“This is a place where everyone is welcome, whatever you do.. business people, families, everyone,” said Wiggins. “We want repeat customers.”

The theme of local ingredients, inclusiveness, and a goal for great service permeated the conversation. He says it’s a “from-scratch” kitchen but was also clear they need to work out some kinks.

Addison Eatery Woodward

“We still don’t have our hostess stand, it’s coming,” said Wiggins while we talked, now at the bar portion of the restaurant. He says it’s going to be about a month until there’s a liquor license, but when they do, they’ll have Michigan beers on tap. However, he is undeterred and positive in his demeanor, and he made the smart move seeing as he doesn’t have that liquor license yet of only serving breakfast and lunch for the time being. After all, when people go to dinner, they often want a drink with the meal. Oftentimes, expectations are the devil in the details.

The soft opening is going to be through November and will feature regular hours from 7-2 on weekdays and 8-3 on weekends.

The Addison Eatery is located at 3111 Woodward Avenue in Detroit. You can find them online a their website and on Facebook.

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