Humans of Detroit Tells The Stories Of Our City Through Our People

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Courtesy Humans of Detroit Facebook Page

Humans of New York was a passion project created by Brandon Stanton, with the original goal of trying to take a picture of everybody he could in New York, and create a exhaustive catalogue of photo portraits. What happened was that he began discovering their stories during the process and the portraits, coupled with quotes created the content for what became a wildly popular blog.

Inspired by Stanton’s project, a similar project called Humans of Detroit surfaced in 2013. It’s a collective of photographers who are posting portraits of Detroiters. In both projects the photo portraits of people tell stories, and you can use your imagination to fill in the blanks.  People are interesting wherever you go, and this is a simple concept that works well in the Motor City.

According the their website:

“Humans of Detroit is meant to spread a positive light on the city and the people who call it home. Through photography and human interaction we give insight to the dynamic inhabitants of Detroit. This city has such a rich history and culture that is often overlooked in the current National and International media. We here at HoD plan to reverse that – one human at a time.”

Detroit certainly has plenty of interesting folks all over the place. Take a look below at ten portraits we chose from Humans of Detroit, and make sure to follow them on instagram and facebook to see who you will meet next. You can follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or their website.


Seen at the Detroit African World Festival.

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Got any words of wisdom you’d like to share? “You better call ahead… For the pizza, that is.”

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“Be true to yourself and be awesome to other people. We as a people have to do that, okay?”

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“When they ask you who’s in that picture, you tell them that’s Mr. Detroit.”

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