Here’s Your Chance To Blow Up A Metro Detroit Skyscraper

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The North Park Plaza in Southfield near Nine Mile and Southfield Road has seen better days. So much so that the 17 story, 340,000 square foot building is about to be demolished on Sunday, December 14 (weather permitting).

But there’s a twist. A fun twist that would be the perfect gift for the person in your life (or yourself) who has always wanted to blow up a building.

The twist is you can help bring it down with your charitable gift to the Oakland Community College Foundation. If you’re the auction winner, you not only will you be pushing the lever that makes the signal go, you’ll be supporting a charitable cause that plans to use the proceeds from the auction to help fund scholarships and other student-focused programs.

From the bid site:

The auction winner will receive: 1) The opportunity to push the button to implode the skyscraper, 2) A commemorative photo of the event, 3) Recognition on the OCC Foundation website.

We’re pretty sure someone’s inner Milton from the movie Office Space is jumping with glee right now.

Bidding started at $500 and runs until 11 p .m. on December 11. Put your bid in here.

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