Murder Rate Dropping Again In Detroit, More Progress Still Needed

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The murder rate and many other crime rates are on pace to be down in Detroit for 2014, but more progress is still needed. Detroit has had a second straight year of decline in murders and homicides.

We’d thought we’d let the data tell the story in this case. You can mouse over or tap on the data points below to see the numbers behind them.

Hat tip to The Detroit News. Other data sources include CityData and The City of Detroit.

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  • Detroit needs; 1. a cold case unit. those who have gotten away with crime especially those have committed violent acts, will not stop until they are caught. They will only become emboldened.
    2. home owners to install surveillance cameras, This will strengthen the narrative of what actually occured
    3.” blue” light or police cameras in high crime areas.
    4. traffic cameras to catch those who fail to stop at red lightsThis habit is routnitne in many areas of the city.
    5. more community policing

    All of these actions have taken place in other cities with success. No one is interested in relocating to a high crime city. Murder statistics may have dropped but Detroit is still a high crime city full of ugly, shuttered, raggedy buildings


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