The 2015 North American International Auto Show Promises To Amaze

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The final stages of preparation for the 27th annual North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), one of the premiere automotive conventions in the world, are underway in Detroit. In the past, the auto show has been the place where global manufacturers introduce new products, and the lineup for the 2015 NAIAS is expected to be one of the most innovative yet.

Highlights are expected to include:

  • “The Gallery” – Hosted by MGM Grand on Saturday, January 10. The event features more than $6 million worth of exotic luxury vehicles.
  • Product launches – It’s expected that more than 40 international and North American product launches will take place at the 2015 NAIAS. Some of the most anticipated releases include: Chevrolet’s next generation Volt, Toyota’s revamped Tacoma pickup, and Acura’s NSX supercar.
  • Charity Preview – The preview has raised almost $100 million for causes since the Detroit Auto Dealers Association started it in 1976. This year, the Charity Preview is scheduled for January 16 and is expected to bring in over $5 million for children’s charities.
  • Visitors – Officials anticipate that more than 800,000 visitors from Canada and the United States will explore the show during its public days, which run from January 17-25.
  • Vehicles – What is an automobile show without the vehicles? At the NAIAS, over 750 cars will be on display.
  • “Technology Showcase” – The debut of a technology segment of the NAIAS’s press and industry preview days will be a welcome event for many technology enthusiasts. The program will investigate the possibilities of integrating high-tech advancements in vehicles.
  • Cobo Center Renovations – The end is near for the Cobo Center’s renovations. The most noticeable improvement is an outdoor digital screen, located at the corner of Washington and Congress, which will greet the many visitors attending the show. Another remarkable change to the center is the addition of a three-story, glass-encased riverfront Grand Riverview Ballroom and Atrium.

The auspicious circumstances surrounding the NAIAS, including the City of Detroit’s newly begun development, and the dynamic hotel, restaurant, and entertainment sectors have come together to create an automobile show unlike any other.

Even consumer confidence, which has been finicky in the past few years, is on the rise, helping the overall automotive market.

Consumer confidence is high, production numbers and automotive sales continue to climb, and the global industry is stronger than it’s been in years. And our manufacturer partners have committed to bring their most important, global vehicle reveals to Detroit.

Scott LaRiche, chairman of NAIAS 2015

NAIAS attendees may be surprised at the innovations they see this year … both in with the cars in Cobo Center and in the city outside.

We’ll be there bringing you some of the most interesting stories, coolest cars, and the places you can enjoy Detroit beyond the confines of the exhibition hall.

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