WATCH: How Does Living Wage Fast Food Joint Moo Cluck Moo Make It Work?

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Moo Cluck Moo $15 an hour

Moo Cluck Moo is not your typical burger joint.  They pay employees $15 an hour, which is considered a fair living wage. As a result, the employee turnover is low, and the employees care about the food that they serve. Interestingly enough, the Wagyu beef burger that they serve is a dollar cheaper than a McDonald’s Big Mac.

The debate about fair living wages for fast-food workers made quite the splash in 2014, and became the center of a larger national debate about raising minimum wage overall.  There even have been demonstrations recently. Large corporate fast food chains such as McDonald’s keep wages as close to the minimum as possible, and prices as high as what consumers would be willing to pay. As the video points out, maximizing profit margins is what’s required to satisfy obligations to stockholders, which is much different of what the owner of Moo Cluck Moo is trying to achieve with his business.

This quick video gives a good overview of the various differences between what a small ethics-oriented, privately run fast food restaurant like Moo Cluck Moo can do when compared to a large corporation. The food looks excellent, the staff looks happy, and I’m pretty sure you’ll want to head over there and check it out after seeing this.

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