New 12,000 Square Foot CrossFit Gym To Open Downtown

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Another place get your fitness program going is appearing downtown. This time, on the ground level of the garage next to the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel, and it’s for those who like a little bit more of an intense workout.

“CrossFit in the D” is opening up on Michigan Avenue, in a newer building from 2008 across from the dual coney islands of American and Lafayette, and practically around the corner of Anytime Fitness on Griswold. CrossFit in the D is part of XLR8 Athletix, which already has locations in Northville, Plymouth-Canton and West Bloomfield.

If you want to see a rough tour of the space under construction, check out the video above.

A plethora of gyms have popped up around greater downtown. As well as the Boll YMCA and Anytime, there’s True Body Fitness, Rencen Fitness, CrossFit BMW, Detroit Tough, and we’re sure we’re missing something. CrossFit in the D looks to open in the middle of next month (April).

The new CrossFit in the D will go on the ground floor of this building. Daily Detroit file photo.
The new CrossFit in the D will go on the ground floor of this building. Daily Detroit file photo.

Here’s what they say about what they’re going to provide:

For example, in Detroit, you will see an array of mid-day classes and supervised Open-Gym times throughout the week.  For starters we plan to pilot a 30 minute high-intensity interval class designed to kick your butt for 30 minutes, leaving you enough time to get showered and back to work before anyone even notices you were gone.  Open-Gym times will be available for those athletes doing our programming, preparing for the competitions and doing extra strength/skill work.  There will be more to come on these topics over the next several weeks so keep coming back for more information.

One of the things that is interesting to note is that the peculiars of having a population that’s almost entirely office-worker and visitor-based by percentage creates some oddities you’re not going to find often in other places, especially in the immediate CBD neighborhood. Sure, there are gyms springing up on many corners and a place to buy $500 pants… but a proper grocery store with reliable selection of fresh produce? You’re still going to have to leave the Central Business District for that and head to Midtown, Lafayette Park or Corktown.

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