PODCAST: These Two People Are Completely Transforming Detroit’s Tech Landscape

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If you could find two people who are irrevocably changing Detroit’s landscape as far as technology goes, you’d be hard pressed to find a more impactful pair than the CEO of Rocket Fiber Marc Hudson and Founder of Loveland Technologies Jerry Paffendorf.

We caught up with them at the Mackinac Policy Conference and sat for an in-depth interview touching on a variety of Detroit-centric topics. After all, Hudson is doing what some thought impossible in bringing fiber speed internet to the city (along with plans to expand beyond the initial service area), and Paffendorf has transformed how we look at Detroit giving everyone x-ray glasses into the challenges of tax foreclosure and who owns what in the city.

The most exciting thing? They’re nowhere near done yet. But you’re going to have to listen to the interview to hear more.

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