Attention West Village Residents: You may want to kick on the AC, because things are about to heat up. Summer 2016 will bring the grand opening of the West Village’s newest attraction, Gabriel Hall.

The space was conceptualized by Dameon Gabriel, a fifth-generation musician whose family moved to Detroit in the 1940s, after participating in Detroit-based Mardi Gras events with his jazz band, The Gabriel Brass.

Described as a “New Orleans-inspired venue,” the multi-faceted hall will feature live jazz music, a restaurant and bar, event space, and a second floor museum paying homage to the Gabriel family and its contribution to jazz.

The restaurant will feature a traditional New Orleans menu loaded with southern favorites like po’boys, jambalaya, and gumbo. In addition to the staples, the menu will also include some Detroit/New Orleans fusion items, such as coney po’boys, which you can wash down with southern cocktails like rum punch, all while enjoying quality live music every Saturday.

“I want the experience to be something memorable, something fun, good food, and a good draw of people,” said Dameon Gabriel, founder of the venue said to dBusiness. “When you go to New Orleans and go to an event, it’s so mixed up. Everybody’s there just to have a good time no matter what color, creed, or background, and that’s the same thing I want to give with Gabriel Hall.”

Gabriel and his team are working with Virtuoso Design + Build, a Detroit-based architectural design firm, to develop the blueprints and 3-D models for Gabriel Hall. Gabriel says guests can expect the space to be modern with a New Orleans-inspired vibe.

“I think the Gabriel family and what they’ve brought to Detroit should be preserved,” Gabriel said. “It should be treated as a jewel, and this is a place where people who don’t know this history can learn it, and it won’t die.”

For an early glimpse at the future venue, head over to 8002 Kercheval St.

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