Vine Video Shows Unveiling Of Baphomet Statue In Detroit

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On Saturday The Satanic Temple of Detroit unveiled the bronze Statue of Baphomet, or the goat-headed version of Satan. It was revealed at a private showing, due to threats of violence that were received online. In order to know the location of the revealing event, ticket holders had to clear security checkpoints at two different locations.

Reports are that somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 people attended. Photography was not allowed, but somebody managed to catch the reveal of the statue as a Vine video right as it happened.

If you are new to this story, Christian groups have been protesting the arrival of the statue. The Satanic Temple of Detroit’s position is that not about the worship of Satan, but more about the push for true religious freedom and the separation of church and state. The video is very short, and just the cover being pulled off the statue and then two men kissing afterward. Here are more pictures from their Facebook.

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