Check Out What The Inside Of Dilla’s Delights Detroit Doughnut Shop Is Going To Look Like

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Dilla is a legendary name in Detroit, and as we’ve reported before, Dilla’s Delights are coming. Now, you can start visually salivating on these renderings of Dilla’s Delights’ first brick and mortar doughnut shop on 242 John R. inside The Ashley building.

Aerial view
Aerial view (Photo courtesy: Herman Hayes)

Anticipation has been high for this downtown establishment, and the designs look as delicious as the brand’s Rosemary Potato doughnut stuffed with garlic goat cheese found at Red Hook Detroit, Alley Taco, Rubbed, Café Con Leche, and Goodwells Market.

Interior view (Photo courtesy: Herman Hayes)
Interior view (Photo courtesy: Herman Hayes)

Owner Herman Hayes collaborated with Brian DuBois and Ken Moody from the DuBois Collection to create his vision. Owner Brian DuBois graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Architecture and Cranbrook Academy of Art. DuBois is also making all the counters, lights and seats for the shop. It is a clean and minimalist 800 sq. ft. space with just enough room for people to wait in line and sit down for a quick snack while enjoying excellent views of Centre Street.

Even the license plates are for J.Dilla
Even the license plates are for J.Dilla

In other Dilla news, the Dilla’s Delights doughnut car was seen around the grand opening of contemporary artist Robert Sestok’s Cass Corridor sculpture park where Dilla’s Delights sold out of at least ten dozen doughnuts. The cart’s second appearance, at a location Herman prefers to keep secret, sold out of twelve dozen doughnuts from 12-4 a.m. The doughnut cart does not have a set route or schedule, but those interested in finding it can shoot them an email at

Herman Hayes (middle) with son Herman Hayes Jr. (left) and mentor (Bill Foster) inside the shop.
Herman Hayes (middle) with son Herman Hayes Jr. (left) and mentor (Bill Foster) inside the shop.

“My intentions are to put it outside my door while I do the buildout on the inside so people will already have the feel of coming into Paradise Valley and Harmonie Park and getting Dilla’s Delights,” Herman said. “I just have to get it permitted to be on the sidewalk. The cart will be the second location. Once we open there (on 242 John R.) we will find a popular [Detroit] place to make the cart’s new location. Who knows? Maybe another cart!”

Herman is the uncle of famous Detroit hip-hop artist J.Dilla, who died of Lupus in 2006. J.Dilla grew up craving Herman’s delicious doughnuts so much that he named one of his albums after them. Beyond the doughnuts, Herman is also supporting Lupus research and awareness groups like Alliance for Lupus and the Lupus Foundation of America.

Doing well and doing good. That’s a very Detroit combination.

Here’s their website and their Facebook page.

  • Can’t WAIT til we’re able to come to Detroit, sit down and Enjoy a Dilla’s Delight. It’s SOOOO Awesome to see Dilla’s Name live on and We Say CONGRATULATIONS ALL the Way From Atlanta!


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