Southfield Gets A Giant Robotic Arm In The Middle Of Telegraph Road

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Metro Detroit seems to have a thing for arms in the middle of roads. Downtown Detroit has a giant bronze fist in the intersection of Jefferson and Woodward, and now the suburb of Southfield has a robotic arm with a 7-foot reach in the middle of Telegraph Road.

It was installed as reminder to all who come to the city that Southfield stands as a “technological corridor.” Robots like it (although, they function as opposed to this one that does not) make the Chrysler 200 in Sterling Heights.

The Comau team took it upon themselves to start the landmarking of Southfield to set it apart from the surrounding cities. It’s visible entering Southfield from its southern border, just north of Eight Mile on Telegraph. There’s a similar one in Turin, Italy where Comau is based and that one actually waves to passers by.

This mock robotic arm is the newest addition to the city, and according to Southfield Mayor Donald F. Fracassi, it has been his dream to see artwork in the city and he is proud of everyone at Comau.

“It has always been my dream to have a tech corridor from 8 Mile to I-696,” said Fracassi. He hopes one day that the median of Telegraph road will have many of these kinds of sculptures representing tech companies.

The Comau team cut the ribbon on the morning of August 12 to unveil the robotic arm statue that stands in the median on Telegraph just north of Eight Mile.

Here are some pictures in its technological glory right out front of the Comau building at 21000 Telegraph Rd.


robo arm 3

robo arm 2

robo arm 4

robo arm 1

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