5 Places You’ll Want To Be During The 21st Annual Dream Cruise

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What’s that smell? Yup, you guessed it. It’s that time of year again when car-exhaust fills the air and tire tracks cover 21.48 miles of the historic M-1, also known as Woodward Avenue. It’s the largest one-day automotive event, and for its 21st year, The Woodward Dream Cruise is going to do it big. For car enthusiasts, it’s basically a holiday, and for classic car owners, it’s a time to gloat and show off that 1968 Firebird you’ve kept sheltered through the winter months.

Even if you don’t have a cool car to show off, you are still more than welcome to hit the road with your 2011 Ford Escape and join the rest of the cruisers in the bumper-to-bumper traffic that local Woodward residents typically avoid. If you’re anything like me and the anxiety of 2 mph traffic just isn’t your thing, there is plenty to do along the avenue: good eats, music and fun for the whole family. With miles of tents, car shows, concerts and food trucks, the annual Dream Cruise is a great beginning of the final weeks of your summer.

The Dream Cruise can always be a bit overwhelming, with a cluster of events going on all weekend and no good way to strategically plan where to be and when to be there. That’s how we can help, with the best of the best for events in the bordering cities of Woodward in Oakland County.

1. City of Berkley


Friday, August 14

Head to 12 Mile, between Woodward and Greenfield, for a night of classic cars, entertainment and plenty of food before the official Dream Cruise begins on Saturday. With a parade of local car owners beginning at 6:30 p.m., plenty of activities follow thereafter and a night of family fun ensues. Not with the fam? Grab a beer at the Berkley Front or 24 Seconds and catch the parade and some live music. For more information visit http://www.berkleymich.org/cruisefest/

2. City of Birmingham


Saturday, August 15

Take a trip down Old Woodward in Downtown for the Birmingham Cruise Classic Car Show, live broadcasting by WOMC 104.3 FM, WXYZ-TV and live entertainment. Sponsored by Chevrolet, there will be a display along with the 300 plus classic cars of all makes and models. For more information visit http://www.enjoybirmingham.com/calendarevent_T5_R40.php

3. City of Ferndale


Thursday, August 13-Saturday, August 15

To kick off the jam-packed weekend, West Nine Mile will offer a Food Court, Kid’s Play Zone, Rock’n Live Entertainment Stage and The Munster’s Kids & Kars—these same events will run all the way through Saturday, August 15.

Friday, August 14

In addition to the West Nine Mile activities, you can also find the Ferndale Emergency Vehicle Show and the Lights & Sirens Cruise on East Mile.

Saturday, August 15

Don’t miss the 17th annual Mustang Alley on East Nine Mile starting at 10:00 a.m. and lasting through the day until 6:00 p.m.

For more information visit www.FerndaleDreamCruise.com

4. City of Pontiac


Friday, August 14-Saturday, August 15

Kick off the weekend at the Dream Cruise Festival in Pontiac with yet another Classic Car Show, in case you haven’t had enough.

Sunday, August 16

While most events cease after 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, Pontiac does it big for one more day of their Dream Cruise Festival. Check out Thunder in Pontiac Motorcycle Event and the Scream Car Event for some Sunday fun.

For more information visit www.pontiacdba.com/#!dream-cruise/c1j1r

5. City of Royal Oak

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Friday, August 14-Saturday, August 15

Head over to Memorial Park for the Performance Park Classic Car Show, where you’ll also find plenty of vendors and a food court.

Saturday, August 15

For those of you who maybe wanted to get some exercise out of the Dream Cruise, the “Cruise In Shoes” is a 5k run/walk that is presented by PNC Bank. Additionally, there will be another Classic Car Show in the Northwood Shopping Center and the Kroger’s Kids Zone and WOMC 104.3 FM at Pioneer Park.

For exact times, live entertainment lineups and more you can visit http://www.woodwarddreamcruise.com

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