WATCH: Actor Trolls Detroit TV News And The Result Is Amazing


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A comedian and actor has successfully trolled local Detroit TV in a remarkably funny fashion by splicing himself into the newscast about the unveiling of the Satanic sculpture of Baphomet.

The statue had its big debut last month in Detroit, and in the weeks leading up to the event much of the national media’s attention was focused our way. However, despite the attention, the entire country seemed to miss the funniest part of the night, which was when this hilarious guy was “interviewed” by Channel 4.

The video has garnered nearly four million views on Facebook.

As much as we wanted him to be, we found it impossible to believe this guy was for real, and he’s not.

After discovering the clip, we tracked down the original and quickly realized this was nothing more than a beautifully executed comedy gag. We did some Googling and found out that he’s an actor named Andrew Bowser, who has a killer knack for comedy and some really good video editing skills.

As for the character in the video? That’s a variation on Onyx the Fortuitous, who has been making his way around the internet at breakneck speed.

You can see more of the actors fine work on his Youtube channel.

Was finding the truth as good as blindly accepting that this guy was for real? In the words of Onyx the Fortuitous, “I dunno.”

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