Winner Of 2015 Hatch Detroit Contest Live Cycle Delight Shares Prize-Money Plans

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Amina Daniels straps on her helmet and pushes off on her bike. Seven bikers follow suit as they follow Amina from Capitol Park in Detroit (across from Detroit Bikes) on a bike loop that includes Harmonie Park, the Dequindre Cut, the United Auto Workers building, Mt. Elliot, and Lafayette before returning to Capitol Park. The route changes weekly, but it typically spans 8-10 miles, starting around 6:45 p.m. until 8:20

The group, Live Cycle Delight, is diverse. The youngest is in elementary school wearing a shirt almost to his knees and the oldest rider has visible gray hairs. Live Cycle Delight, owned by Amina Daniels with minority partner Jackie Palmer, is a free-of-charge bike riding group that meets every Wednesday at Capitol Park.

Group numbers fluctuate. Mix of regulars and newbies.
Group numbers fluctuate. Mix of regulars and newbies.

By January 1, 2016, Amina hopes to turn Live Cycle Delight into one of Detroit’s first boutique indoor cycling facilities. These days, Amina is riding high off the flow of publicity and grant money she received after winning Hatch Detroit’s $50,000 prize to turn her small business dream into a brick and mortar location.

She plans to use the grant money to open her boutique gym by January 1, 2016 with 20 indoor cycling bikes. She has her eye on RealRyder or Schwinn Carbon Blue spinning bikes. Her gym will also offer fitness programs, including TRX and Bosu classes, be open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (even earlier for early morning classes), and offer drop-in rates if people don’t want to pay for the whole thing. There is also a hydration station selling cold-pressed juice in the works.

Amina is currently looking at a space in Eastern Market located on the third floor of the building. It is the same building where Detroit vs. Everybody has their offices. Nothing is set in stone yet, but she likes the space’s price, the building’s elevator option, and the fact there is easy to access free parking. She plans to make a compelling argument with Hatch Detroit regarding the space.

Laid-back socializing before the ride begins.
Laid-back socializing before the ride begins.

Hatch Detroit is concerned by the space’s lack of window visibility. As a matter of fact, it has been a sticking point ever since the Hatch Off on August 28, the day Amina won the grant after presenting her business plan to Hatch Detroit Contest judges during their Q&A.

“[The process] was very quick,” Amina said. “You get up there, you have your pitch, there is a Q&A, and it is over. They asked valid questions about my future location and they asked ‘how do you look at Saturday?’ That’s the day to capture clients who don’t normally go to a studio, like the people who come to Eastern Market to get exercise before they shop. I look at Eastern Market differently than others. My background is retail management. That is how you convert foot traffic into your store.”

Amina Daniels, owner of Live Cycle Delight. Photo Courtesy: Sam Sefton.
Amina Daniels, owner of Live Cycle Delight. Photo Courtesy: Sam Sefton.

Before winning Hatch, Amina took advantage of Detroit’s entrepreneurship programs. She credits TechTown, Detroit’s 8-week Retail Boot Camp, and the Build Institute’s strong instruction. Hatch Detroit helped her complete the picture.

“Starting a business is stressful,” Amina said. “You are your own boss, but I’m not an expert in business, legal matters and accounting. With Hatch, I have this support. I trust the team that is there. They have a proven track record of getting businesses open.”

Once Live Cycle Delight becomes a boutique gym, Amina will continue her free-of-charge outdoor cycling rides until the weather gets too cold. In the meantime, she is available for personal training sessions where she will meet you at your preferred location.

Visit Live Cycle Delight’s website for more information.

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