Five Awesome Detroit Public Library Services You Should Be Using

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If you haven’t visited a public library since your school days, it’s time to plan a trip. The Detroit Public Library has way more to offer than just books. As a DPL cardholder, you have access to five cool services that will keep you entertained, help you sharpen your computer skills, and take the next step on your career path.

1. Career and Employment Assistance

Looking for a new career or want to make a career change? Stop by the Technology, Literacy, and Career (TLC) Center at the Main Branch for Career and Employment Assistance. Staff specifically trained to assist job seekers will point you towards valuable resources to start your job search.

If you’ve already found a job but need to rework your resume, the library staff can also help with that. If you need test preparation materials for the LSAT, GRE, GMAT, GED, and more, you can find them at the TLC.

2. hoopla

Tired of spending money renting movies every week? If you’re a DPL cardholder, you can kiss your days at Redbox goodbye. DPL cardholders have access to hoopla, a free digital app that lets you stream or download movies, T.V. shows, music albums, and audiobooks. However, there is one catch: you can only check out eight items per month.

The coolest part (besides this being free) is you won’t be charged any late fees. On the due date, the material simply disappears from your device. For more information on hoopla, click here.

3. Computer Skills Classes

If you’re not as tech savvy as you’d like to be, the DPL can help. All branches of the DPL offer computer classes to help you learn the computer basics. You can choose from several classes, including a basic skills class, a Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint class, and an Email and Internet class. For more information about the classes, or to reserve your seat, call (313) 481-1363.

4. Detroit Reads!

Reading is an essential skill to have in today’s world, but not all adults are capable readers. The DPL is dedicated to erasing illiteracy in Detroit through its Detroit Reads! service at the Main Branch and the Parkman Branch. The service offers free tutoring and free books to help adults learn to read, improve reading skills, and improve reading comprehension.

5. OverDrive

Experience the convenience of eBooks without the financial commitment of buying one with OverDrive. DPL cardholders have access to eBooks and audiobooks from OverDrive Digital Media. All you have to do is find the eBook or audiobook you want on the library’s website, check out with a library card, and download the book to you device. For more information about OverDriver, click here.

Don’t Underestimate the Library

Where else can you get access to so many neat, helpful services in one place for free? If you don’t have a DPL card yet, get the to the library. You’re missing out on great opportunities and digital collections.

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