This Might Be The Greatest Craigslist Offer Of All Time (Or At Least, This Year)

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Well, here’s some good ole fashioned Friday shenanigans for you.

It had to happen at some point, and while I’m sure it’s not the first time, it’s the first time I’ve seen it. Some gang of geniuses have re-created one of the greatest movie vehicles of all time, and if you’ve got an extra $4,000 laying around then you could make the investment of a lifetime.

The van, which according to the Craigslist ad, “gets more looks then a Lambo at a fraction of the cost”, is currently living in Muskegon, Michigan, but it looks like the owners are looking to surrender this pooch to the next lucky owner.

Here are some quick facts about the fury whip from the owner:

“1. It’s covered in carpet and sits outside. No need for one of those fancy smancy garages. And no it doesn’t stink, and no we never wash it.
2. It has a radio with USB so you can play Boom Shack a Lak as much as you want.
3. The windows work when they want to but the carpet maintains a great ambient temp inside
4. It has new tires on the back for laying down wicked patches of rubber at every intersection
5. 4 capatains seats for the ultimate luxury riding experience.
6. New battery and exhaust
7. She’ll do 80mph no problems
8. Free dog-eared hat included
10. Great for 1st driver. No cherry paint to scratch, carpet covers dents and reduces impact”

If this majestic creation tickles your fancy, you can check out the ad for yourself and make a bid.

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