The Tricycle Collective is striving to reach their goal of $20,000 to help 20 Detroit families purchase the homes that they live in, which are currently at risk to be sold in the Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Auction. With one day left, they need your support.

Michele Oberholtzer may be familiar to readers of Daily Detroit. We wrote about her new initiative last year called the Tricycle Collective, which works hard to help keep Detroit residents in their homes by notifying homeowners about the auction, and giving them the opportunity to bid.

Last year, they helped 10 families stay in their home. This year they need to raise $20,000 with the goal of helping 20 families stay in their homes.

Many of these homes are for sale in the Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Auction because owners are behind on their taxes for more than three years. While circumstances vary, typically people most negatively affected are renters. Many times they are unaware that the house they are living in is up for auction. What’s more disturbing is that many of these renters might be able to actually afford the cost of their home, and so they are needlessly displaced.

Oberholtzer’s main goal is to provide information to people about the tax auction so that they can decide if they want to become home owners in the place where they currently live. The Tricycle Collective then goes even further to help some of those people (with a focus on families) purchase the house they live in.

In round one of the auction the houses usually sell for what is owed in back taxes. In round two, bidding starts at $500.00, which means there is a chance that many of the homes are very affordable.

When Michelle knocks on doors to inform the tenants that their house is up for auction, it’s often surprising news. The money that she raises helps turn that moment into an opportunity, which strengthens neighborhoods and empowers Detroit residents who want to stay in their homes.

You can learn more about the Tricycle Collective by clicking here, or hop on over to the fundraising page.

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