Thanks To Matt Stafford’s $1 Million Donation, Rec Center In Detroit Reopens

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Matthew Stafford at Lipke Recreation Center. Photo: Nick Hagen

Lions Quarterback Matt Stafford was honored Tuesday as the S.A.Y. Detroit Play Center was able to reopened, due in large part to the massive $1 million donation the Detroit quarterback made in the beginning of the year.

The center is located near 7 mile and Van Dyke on Detroit’s east side.

In a statement, Stafford said it’s “a tremendous opportunity to impact our city’s young people.”

“This isn’t a one and done thing,” said Stafford. “This is something that’s going to be around for a long time – we are going to put a lot of time and energy into it and this is just the beginning.”

The $10 million center part of Stafford’s Score 7 Charitable Foundation and S.A.Y. Detroit. A professional size football field was also installed. The field was dedicated as Stafford Football Field.

“As much fun as it’s going to be coming out here trying to get Megatron and all those guys to come out here and throw some footballs — play catch with these young guys – do all those things with these young guys. I’m equally as excited for whats going on inside this building and give the opportunity to help these kids and help them learn,” said Stafford.

  • Hmmm, what could the City of Detroit do with $1M? Provide needed medical equipment to the EMS Services? Or demolish how many dangerous vacant homes? Or how about after school programs for children who are still unable to read? No, let’s build a 1M football facility for kids…oops, forgot about the young girls in the city. Oh well well at least have football players. What a joke!!!!

    • you’re pathetic Ted. Some people will just never be satisfied huh? has to be a tough way to go through life. Staff9 made a substantial donation that helps provide a safe haven for youth in an area where facilities like this are limited; in an area where the surounding poverty, crime, etc can easily corrupt kids. Are there other areas of need in the city? absolutely. but excuse me if I don’t see an issue with this donation. Also, as far as your sexism argument, one could argue that your categorization of football as purely a man’s sport is reflective of outdated gender roles. Sure, guys are more inclined to like football but whose to say girls can’t have fun interaction with these athletes. Not to mention, I believe Stafford indicated that’s it’s also about what’s inside the facility which I;;m sure better addresses ‘girl activities’..

      Man, you’re probably the type of person who complains about how shitty the roads are then proceeds to complain about all of the construction to fix the roads.. instatiable doooooooosh.

  • I agree with you 100% Ted. What about the young ladies in the City? Also, with the recent brawl at MLK’s game and reversal of the penalties, it solidifies the perception that sports, or specifically football, has become larger than life. This field is nothing more than another sham the NFL is purporting to save young men in the City, not to school or receiving their diploma, but becoming a football player. It’s disgusting.
    What happens when Mr Stafford leaves Detroit? Who will be responsible for maintaining this facility and providing the necessary funds? The City? It surely will not be Mr Stafford.

  • Thank you for doing something positive for our city!! It is appreciated!

  • Members of my family are buried in a cemetery near Stafford Field. Thank you Mr. Stafford for stepping up and making this kind of contribution. I hated the crack houses in that neighborhood and was sickened by little kids hauling stuff in their wagons to trade for death. Need to go to that cemetery this fall. Excited to see any improvement.

  • Why can’t you say thank-you?!? Did you even look in to what this will do for the kids? Not just boys. It is Mitch Albom’s charity, Matt simply donated a million to it. Negative Nellies need not apply- these folks are helping our youth!

  • Thank you to Matthew Stafford for doing something positive for our city! We appreciate it!!!

  • It’s amazing how negative many people seem to be, even about positive things. One person won’t save the world, but by doing something to enhance it they inspire others to also get involved. I don’t know if the detractors have put their energy, money, or time where their mouths are, but I’m guessing that’s not the case. It’s possible you are thinking that house from where you throw your stones is made of fiberglass.

  • I thought a person who donates anything has a right as the donor to pick what they want to give THEIR MONEY too in this country. Hence the word DONATE. ????

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