WATCH: Beautiful Footage Of Belle Isle From Above

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Detroit has seen its fair share of drone stardom during the last few years, and it’s not over yet.

Check out this short video that focuses on Detroit’s one of a kind gem, Belle Isle State Park, which has seen significant development throughout the last several years.

With help from the Belle Isle Conservancy, The State of Michigan, and lots of volunteer hours,  the beautification  efforts are helping to restore the island to it’s once immaculate condition, as well as amplifying it’s reputation as a dynamic, fun and place to spend an afternoon in the city.

The video, posted by Youtube user project18726, captures the beatify of the park making its transition from the lush green hues of summer to the vibrant colors of fall.

So take a quick break from your Monday and enjoy this little slice of Detroit heaven, and be sure to make your way out to the island before winter settles into to the mitten next month!

  • You should of done some research before posting this video. What this man did was illegal. Belle Aisle is a State Park and they have a NO DRONE rule. The DNR does not allow drones. This man will now be in violation of State Laws as well as FAA Laws. I feel sorry for this man, he obviously does not know the rules. He even said he is new to this in his youtube comments. It is a shame that people go out and buy these drones and break the laws, that is why there are so many problems. He does not even have a 333 exemption which is required by the FAA. Poor Sap!

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