Detroit Is About To Get Some Pure Michigan Love

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The City of Detroit’s revival has seen plenty of press, but this spring, it secures another vote of confidence, this time from the state level.

The much loved Pure Michigan campaigns that highlight the near infinite wonders of the glove, will give a nod to post-bankruptcy Detroit in an effort to shift perceptions of the city from being in transition to a proper tourist destination.

A far cry from the typical pure Michigan ads, which focus on the state’s natural beauty, this campaign will show an edgy, urban playground that’s no longer just a comeback story, but a viable destination for tourists, business owners, future residents, and entrepreneurs.

The ad could give the city a tourism boost. According to recent data from the Michigan Economic Development Corp., the $12.4 million spent on out-of-state advertising in 2014 inspired 4.1 million trips to Michigan, and drove $1.2 billion to Michigan businesses, while clearing $85.4 million in Michigan sales taxes.

The ad, narrated by actor and Michigan native Tim Allen, will feature Detroit in a 30-second national television commercial set to premiere next spring.

Other commercials planned for spring and early summer will promote the state’s growing craft beer industry and its farm-to-table “foodie” culture.

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