VIDEO: Utica’s new pro baseball team set to reveal team names, builds stadium

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On Monday, Andy Appleby, owner of the United Shore Professional Baseball League through his company, General Sports and Entertainment, will reveal the names of the league’s first three teams, as well as their logos and mascots.

Monikers in the running include: 59’s, Beavers, Blue Collars, Diamond Hoppers, Fizz, Mud Pups, Rally Caps, River Rats, Screeching Cicadas, Stags, Steelheads and Unicorns.

Monday’s announcement will take place at Utica’s Eppler Junior High School, located next to the independent minor-league team’s brand new, 2,000-seat Jimmy John’s Field. The stadium, currently under construction, will cost $12 million and is located just east of Moscone Drive and north of Auburn Road in Utica.

The developmental baseball league is aimed at players ages 22-26 who are vying for a spot on one of Major League Baseball’s minor league squads.

The teams will likely start their season in June 2017 and play a 50-game season.

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