Meet some of Detroit’s finest authors at local history book fair this Saturday

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Detroit is home to a wealth of influential artists across a variety of mediums, and one market that has seen a considerable boom in the last decade is literature.

With books from contemporary authors covering topics from the history of the Better Made potato chip company to Detroit’s role in WWII, there seems to be no shortage of the talented and dynamic writers in Detroit.

This Saturday, December 12, you’ll have the chance to explore the growing catalogue of Detroit inspired literature and meet the authors who wrote them at the Local History Lovers Holiday Book Fair. This free event seeks to promote work on regional history, as well as several fictional works, all published by local authors.

The event takes place from 12 p.m. -5 p.m. at The Corktown Hotel, located at 1331 Trumbull Street in Detroit.

In addition to browsing the books and meeting the authors, you’ll enjoy short presentations from authors on their books about every 20 minutes starting promptly at noon

Complimentary refreshments will be served and $1 from each book sold will donated to Covenant House Detroit.

Here is a full list of authors you’ll find at the event, as well as their books:

  • Jim Abb – Even Trolls Love Pasties: A Goode Ann Arbor Tale; I Brake For Humans: Another Goode Ann Arbor Tale
  • Collette Cullen – Annie Finds Her Magic: Helen Keller’s Teacher Shares Her Story;  Between The Thorns
  • Karen Dybis – Better Made in Michigan: The Salty Story of Detroit’s Best Chip; The Ford-Wyoming Drive In: Cars, Candy, and Canoodling in the Motor City
  • Timothy Dziubak – Red Boy Tours Michigan, and the original children’s book: Red Boy
  • Aaron Foley – How To Live In Detroit Without Being A Jackass (It’s Not The New Brooklyn)
  • Gail Hershenzon – Detroit’s Woodmere Cemetery, Michigan Memorial Park
  • David Ingall and Karin Risko – Michigan Civil War Landmarks
  • Bruce Kopytek – Jacobson’s: I Miss It So!, Toledo’s 3 Ls, Eaton’s: The Trans-Canada Store, and recently released Crowley’s: Detroit’s Friendly Store.
  • Andrew Lark – Better Boxed and Forgotten (Indian Village Thriller)
  • Bonnie Leone – Holy Family Church: 100 Years of Sicilian Tradition
  • Leslie Lynch – Wilson of Lincoln Park Preservation Alliance – Images of America: Lincoln Park
  • Lynn Lyon – Images of America: Ira Township (co-author)
  • Jon Milan and Gail Offen – Images of America: Grand River Avenue
  • Alan Naldrett – Lost Towns of Eastern Michigan, Forgotten Tales of Lower Michigan, Images of America: Chesterfield Township and the soon-to-be released Lost Car Companies of Detroit
  • Nicholas P Sinacori – Horsepower, Men and Machines
  • Dr. Gregory Sumner – Detroit in World War II

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