The New Gordie Howe Bridge Could Be Taller Than The Renaissance Center

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Detroit’s skyline could be redefined.

The bridge is slated to be massive, in fact, it will be even taller than the Renaissance Center.One of the proposed designs has the giant structure coming in at around 750 feet tall – the RenCen is about 740 feet.

For a sense of perspective, consider that the Ambassador Bridge is about 386 feet tall, making it a baby next to this behemoth. It will also be significantly wider than the Ambassador, boasting six lanes of traffic, compared to the Ambassador’s four lanes

Construction of the proposed design will take 25,00 cement truck loads, 22,000 tons of steel, and 5,000 tons of cable. The total cost for the bridge is expected to be about $2 billion, paid for mostly by the Canadian government.

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