The Flint Water Crisis Could Have Been Prevented For Just $100 A Day

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The Flint water crisis is perfect fodder for the Daily Show as this story just keeps getting weirder and weirder – and unfortunately, sadder and sadder.

Daily Show host Trevor Noah in a three minute segment we embedded below (linked here in case it doesn’t play) calls on his native continent of Africa to save a city in the United States.. for just $100 a day. Why? Because treatment to prevent the horrific problems happening in Flint would have cost about $100 a day.

The $100 number explanation is here, per NBC News:

Marc Edwards, a professor at Virginia Tech who has been testing Flint water, says treatment could have corrected much of the problem early on — for as little as $100 a day — but officials in the city of 100,000 people didn’t take action.

By the way, Professor Edwards has a GoFundMe page because he ended up paying for a lot of the testing out of his own and research team pocket and volunteering their time to the tune of $147,174.

We provided the scientific expertise, labor and funding, that allowed Flint residents to help themselves. Wateryoufighting4ACLU-Michigan and others stepped up to do the difficult work of actually coordinating and collecting the critical samples.  They did so and demonstrated that their water was unsafe by any reasonable standard.

Because America: Where our government (both the state and feds have failed here) can’t be bothered with paying for properly testing something that affects the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

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