Check Out The Radical Dog That Works At A Michigan Airport

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We may have just stumbled on the coolest pooch in the state of Michigan.


His name is Piper, and the Border Collie is on a mission to protect Traverse City’s Cherry Capitol Airport free from the low life scum who wreak havoc on the runway—birds.


Piper’s job entrails promoting airport safety by responding directly to reports of wildlife and conducting regular patrols, which, most of the time, consists of chasing birds away from the runways and taxiways.


According to his website, the Federal Aviation Administration requires the Cherry Capitol Airport have a Wildlife Hazard Management Plan in place to help mitigate wildlife hazards to aviation. In fact, dogs are said to be one the most effective methods of wildlife mitigation at airports.



As you might imagine, like many of his furry contemporaries the pup has found a nice following on social media, boasting more than 6,000 followers on Instagram while consistently putting out adorable content on Facebook, Youtube, and his own website, Airport K-9.


So next time you’re in Traverse City, swing by the airport and give this guy a hug; but for now just enjoy this photo of him looking stoic and majestic.


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