Former Mayor Dave Bing Says City Is “One Incident Away” From Repeat Of 1967

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If there’s anyone who has brought the controversial heat so far at the Detroit Policy Conference today, it’s former Detroit Mayor Dave Bing.

In a speech to a business crowd that gave him tepid applause, Mayor Bing made a series of strong points that African Americans are not included in leadership or business decisions – but some online and at the conference felt he was speaking truth to power.

He called out the “new leadership” in the city for not being inclusive, as well as organizations like New Detroit and the media outlets like the Michigan Chronicle.

“Diversity is about counting people – inclusion is about making people count,” said Bing.

Especially if you live or work in the city, what do you think? Do you feel the undercurrent felt by Detroiters of not being included in the comeback is as strong as the former mayor says?

Editor’s Note: Now that it’s available, we’ve embedded the video above, but before the video there’s an interview the Detroit Regional Chamber included with Frank Beckmann on WJR. 

  • I like Mayor Bing a lot. I loved player Bing more. However, I strongly disagree with his racially charged statement. Is he implying there are to many white guys in leadership roles in the city of Detroit. Are the black contractors going to lead the community in burning down their businesses because they didn’t get the work.

  • Just what is needed, an ex-Mayor claiming racism to cause even more resentment. The City had how many years to turn it around under “their” mayors, including Bing. Now that everyone has had enough of the corruption, fraud and BS, and began turning it around, he wants to incite. Instead of a Black HIstory Month, let’s make it a year long celebration. Or better yet, let’s start up another all black organization.

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