WATCH: A Three Minute Detroit Time Machine Of Newly Digitized Footage

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We Detroiters near and far have a ton of nostalgia for our city, and as part of a cool new project, the Detroit Historical Society has unveiled a new video archive. It features close to 170 hours of recently digitized film footage from a variety of time periods.

There are items from the Detroit Historical Society collection, public domain footage such as newsreels and amateur footage, as well as the collection of the Detroit’s communications department.

A year of work has been put into this from the staff of the Detroit Historical Society – and it looks like this is going to be a fun trove of videos. Our favorite moment in the clip we embedded above? Former Mayor Dennis Archer sure can dance! A close second would be a rare shot of the old Detroit post office, demolished in 1931.

If you want more historic candy, check out the post revealing the project and their YouTube channel.

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