Six Wahlburgers Opening in Metro Detroit, More Details On Greektown Location

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Wahlburgers in Boston, MA

Metro Detroiters will soon have a new set of options when it comes to burgers. Wahlburgers, the “better burger restaurant” founded by Chef Paul Wahlberg with celebrity brothers Mark and Donnie, is planning on opening six franchise locations in the area.

As we wrote awhile ago, restaurant chain will make its Detroit debut in Greektown, as early as this summer or fall. Now, we have more details.


The Wahlburgers is expected to open this summer with plans to convert a space at 569 Monroe in downtown Detroit to two stories, bringing the total to 4,200 square feet. The restaurant and bar will be open daily for lunch and dinner and will serve “freshly ground beef burgers, salads, Yukon gold fries, tater tots and more.”

Wahlburgers in Detroit will be operated by franchise owner Nino Cutraro.

“My family and I are grateful to be part of the rebuilding of the great city of Detroit with the summer opening of Wahlburgers,” said Mark Wahlberg in a statement.

Wahlburgers is also planning on expanding to several other states across the US, including California, Georgia, Massachusetts, Ohio, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Currently, there are seven restaurants open with three more scheduled to open in the next few months.

In total, the company is committing franchise groups to a total of 118 new Wahlburgers over the next few years. We’ve included some gratuitous pics of the food for the fun of it at the bottom of the post. They’re obviously putting their best food forward, but your thoughts are always welcome in the comments.

Lettuce Wrap Burger via Wahlburgers
Lettuce Wrap Burger via Wahlburgers
Chicken Garden Salad via Wahlburgers
Chicken Garden Salad via Wahlburgers
Chicken Caesar Salad via Wahlburgers
Chicken Caesar Salad via Wahlburgers
The "Melt Burger"
The “Melt Burger”
  • What cities in Metro Detroit other than Greektown will the other resturants be opening and when?
    Thank you for the information!

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