See The Detroit Of 1908 Come Alive With New Animation

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The video above is nothing short of amazing. Russian designer Alexey Zakharov has created an animated short called “The Old New World” composed of old Shorpy historical photographs and some amazing artistic skill.

The reel includes New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore – as well as a view of Detroit in 1908, right after the two minute mark. It’s of the old Morgan & Wright Rubber Company on the riverfront. It became the Uniroyal Tire plant next to the bridge to Belle Isle. Although various plans for the spot have been floated, the site today sits without development.

The video is a “photo-based animation project” that offers a “travel back in time with a little steampunk time machine,” Zakharov said according to PetaPixel. “The main part of this video was made with camera projection based on photos.”

We want more Detroit, Zakharov. There’s plenty of great Detroit Shorpy scenes from the past, and it’d be great to see them come to life.

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