The Double Standard Between Men And Women In Just Two Reviews

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If you’ve ever had any doubt women are judged by a double standard, especially in the service industry, this might just put that to rest.

I’ve been reading the Metro Times for more than a decade, and they do a lot of good work. I enjoy Dan Savage every week, get my horoscopes, and of course, their smart take on the news.

One thing stood and that was the winner of Best Female Bartender. It’s good that they have a category that highlights the attributes of female bartenders in Detroit – except for when it just narrows down her talents to that of having mammary glands.

Metro Times Best Female Bartender
Can she make me an Old Fashioned? What about a Sidecar? A Negroni? I have no idea, because all the Metro Times said was that she started “Tittie Tuesdays” and if you don’t recognize her by her face, you would “know her by her boobs.” Nothing about handling an unruly bar or quick service.

Being the MT and that they’re an alternative weekly, I thought maybe they were being funny and flipping to the very next review, for Best Male Bartender, that maybe I was going to see a glowing review of his pectoral muscles or a nice butt. That’d be, pardon the pun, cheeky.

Except for the fact that they had absolutely no problem spending their entire snippet highlighting his technical skill and his creativity.

Best male bartender Detroit

I know these are reader’s choice awards, but the write-ups and what they choose to focus on are up to the publication. And they decided to have a conversation with a chest.

Doubling down on the misogyny, the bar involved in Best Female Bartender? Yeah, posts it all over their Facebook page.

Best Bartender in Detroit

I normally keep this type of stuff to myself, and I hate giving this more attention than it needs. But really? It’s 2016, not 1956.

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