WATCH: Mike Posner And Big Sean’s New Video Is All Detroit Love

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Two artists that are in the national spotlight aren’t forgetting their hometown of Detroit.

28 year old musician from Southfield and rising star Mike Posner’s track, “Buried In Detroit (Lucas Lowe Remix) ft. Big Sean” also features another Detroit native that’s the same age, Big Sean, who lends his voice to a verse on this remix.

The track is an ode to how Detroit is home, no matter where he travels – and that there’s no substitute for his hometown.

But I’ll be buried in Detroit

Next to my father, and my father’s father too

I used to live in New York City

But baby that ain’t no substitute

Not for my hometown

That place people avoid

I’ve made love in every city

But I’ll be buried in Detroit

The video is simple in construction as a drive-through of city streets and a cemetery, mostly looking up as if you were passenger in an open-top jeep or through a full-width sunroof. There are lots of shots of downtown including many of the well-known buildings.

The album the single is on, “At Night, Alone” is dropping May 6 in stores, on iTunes, Amazon (vinyl available) and Google Play.

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  • I love this… so simple yet says so much about why my heart is in Detroit. It’s home and where my family roots are and I am really appreciate that more than ever.

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