14 Awesome Detroit Tours You’ll Love

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Warm weather and sunshine is finally here. Take advantage of the lovely days ahead by planning a tour of Detroit. There’s a tour for everyone, from history buffs to natives who think they know everything there is to know about Detroit.

Grab some friends, make some plans, and prepared to be impressed by the incredible stories of the past and present that make Detroit the amazing city and region it is.

City Tour Detroit

City Tour Detroit

Ready to dive into Detroit’s storied (and sometimes ghastly) past? Check out City Tour Detroit. The company, run by Karin Risko, gives you a lively, unique look at the city. You won’t just look at landmarks and take pictures. You’ll be transported back in time. City Tour Detroit has several tour options. The most interesting ones are Journey to Midnight and Notorious 313.

Journey to Midnight looks at the part Detroit played in the Underground Railroad. It retraces the steps of Freedom Seekers on their final stop to freedom, the historic Second Baptist Church.

If you’re in the mood for some scary fun, one of the Notorious 313 tours is for you. The tours take place in the colder months of the year (September through December) on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Detroit Experience Factory

Detroit Experience Factory

The Detroit Experience Factory has a variety of tours to help you explore every aspect of the city. There are art and architecture tours, market tours, bus tours, bike tours, and innovation tours. With the Detroit Experience Factory, you can tour all over the city – from the Detroit Riverfront to Eastern Market to downtown itself.

Most of the Detroit Experience Factory’s walking tours are free, but be sure to double check the price before you grab your tickets. To see what upcoming tours are available, click here.

Show Me Detroit Tours

Show Me Detroit

If you’re looking for a small group tour, check out Show Me Detroit Tours. The company offers chauffeured, deluxe-van tours of Detroit. Over the two-hour tour, you’ll lean about Downton Detroit’s highlights and attractions. Ready to see the city with a small group of friends? Click here to learn more.

The Detroit Bus Company

The Detroit Bus Company

Ready to do some good with your tour purchase? The Detroit Bus Company is for you. You can visit the city’s oldest, most notorious bars during the Detroit Historic Bar Tour, or you can learn about Detroit’s culture, music art, and colorful history during The Story of the City That Does.

Best of all, when you purchase tickets through The Detroit Bus Company, you provide a Detroit a safe ride to school or an after-school program.

Motown Museum

Motown Museum

Motown is an integral part of Detroit’s history, and you can experience that history for yourself at the Motown Museum. You’ll be led through the museum by experienced tour guides who’ll entertain you with stories about the early days of Motown and the artists that passed through its doors. Ready to sing and dance your way back in time? Click here for more information about admission.

Detroit History Tours

Detroit History Tours

Brush up on Detroit’s history by booking a tour with Detroit History Tours. The company offers walking and bus tours all across the city. You can choose from several fascinating tours like The Detroit Cops and Mobsters Tour or the Wild Women of Detroit Tour. There are also walking tours of Belle Isle available for Detroiters who are looking for a lovely place to picnic. Get more information here.

Ford Rouge Factory Tour

Ford Rouge Factory

To most non-Detroiters, Detroit = cars, specifically Ford cars. While native Detroiters know this isn’t true, cars are still a huge part of the city’s history and economy. At the Ford Rouge Factory, you can see a gallery of Ford vehicles produced at the Rouge, a multisensory film about the making of the new F-150 truck, and rare archival footage of the factory’s past. To learn more about the Ford Rouge Factory Tour, click here.

Detroit Institute of Arts

Detroit Insitute of Arts

You don’t need to travel to Europe to find the finest examples of high-brow culture and art. All you need to do is visit the Detroit Institute of Arts. Did you know the DIA’s collection is among the top six in the United States? The museum covers 658,000 square feet that include more than 100 galleries. The rotating exhibitions are always great to see, but don’t forget about the collections that call the DIA home. Get more information here.

7.2 Tours

7.2 Tours

One of the hippest tour companies in Detroit, 7.2 Tours takes its name from the 7.2 square miles that make up Downtown Detroit. The company offers several different types of public tours, including free walking tours. If you’re looking for historic bus tours, dinner tours, and bar tours, 7.2 Tours has you covered. However, if you want a private tour, that can be arranged.

It’s more than just history, though. 7.2 Tours also talks about the effect that Detroit’s past has on its present as well as issues the city is currently grappling with. Ready to see how Detroit’s pas affects its present? 7.2 Tours is for you.

The HandleBar Detroit

The HandleBar Detroit

Want to pedal your way through Downtown Detroit and stop at some awesome bars? You’ll need 15 friends and two hours, but the ride is well worth it. The HandleBar lets you cruise the city with fun music, food and drinks (bring your own) seven days of the week. The company provides a driver, who follows a predetermined route, and you and your friends pedal the bike. Click here for more information.

Pure Detroit Tours

Pure Detroit

In Downtown Detroit with some time to kill? Check out Pure Detroit’s tours. There are free tours of the Fisher and Guardian buildings as well as downtown walking tours. These two skyscrapers, built in the art deco style, are stunning. With Pure Detroit, you can see these jaw-dropping beauties and hear some of the history behind them. Click here for Pure Detroit’s tour schedule.

Feet on the Street Tours

Feet on the Street

Ready to get out and see the city using nothing more than your own two feet? Feet on the Street Tours is just for you. The company offers walking tours, but if you’re more inclined to take in the city from a vehicle, bus tours are available. Feet on the Street has food tours, like Delish Detroit and Taste the Best of Detroit, and it offers historic tours about prohibition. For more information on specific tours and tickets, click here.

Backseat Detroit


This tour is one of more unique ones on the list in terms of how it’s set up. You drive your own car, and Joseph Krause, owner of Backseat Detroit, guides you through the city. Each tour is customized based on your interested and background. Topics covered during the tours include Detroit’s history, its rise and fall as an industrial giant, and where it’s headed in the future. Ready to drive your way through Detroit with one of the coolest backseat drivers around? Get more information here.

Flight to Freedom Tour

Historic First Congregation of Detroit
Historic First Congregation of Detroit

Detroit, particularly the First Congregational Church of Detroit, played a pivotal part in the Underground Railroad, and you can experience that role firsthand with a Flight to Freedom Tour. It’s offered by the Underground Railroad Living Museum, and the tour has visitors reenact an escape along the Underground Railroad. There are several different packages available for visitors to choose from. For more information, click here.

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