Here Are 8 Reasons You Should Ride With Me On Bike To Work Day Detroit

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Bike to Work Day is Friday in Detroit, I’m excited and I’m putting on the full-court press for why you should join us. I previously wrote about how I’m involved in Bike To Work Day. As a reminder, please register so we have enough food and beverage and swag for you.

Here are eight reasons to ride:

1. It’s a great way to kick spring into gear

You’re sick of the cold weather and have suffered long enough from cabin fever. You could use some fresh air, you long to feel the breeze ruffle your hair like a Fabio commercial, and you need to get your heart pumping and blood flowing after all those winter months spent mainlining Cheetos and beer. Your bike was covered in cobwebs the last time you saw it in your garage. So fill up the tires, oil the chain, get out and ride with us!

2. There are group routes from everywhere

Well, at least from the compass points or corridors:

  • From Plymouth
  • Michigan Avenue
  • Grand River Avenue
  • Woodward
  • Gratiot
  • East Jefferson

3. It’s social.

You’ll meet interesting people who do interesting things for a living in Detroit. Maybe you’ll make new friends, fall in love, or at least find some riding buddies. When’s the last time you got to talk with someone else on your commute?

4. Bike commuting beats car commuting

Look, I live far enough away from my office that I’m not gonna pretend I commute via bike every day or anything — but I do ride regularly enough to say it beats the pants off fighting traffic day-in, day-out. You’ll get a much more intimate, up-close view of things you barely notice from a car, and you’ll gain an appreciation for why Detroit is a great place to bike. You’ll also arrive to work feeling more awake and energized from the physical exertion.

5. Riding your bike is good for you


But wait — you’re worried you’ll be sweaty? Fitness Works, a gym in the New Center, is offering free use of its showers to riders on Friday only.

6. There’s safety in numbers

Obviously, any route that takes you from the suburbs to downtown is going to pass through some dicey neighborhoods. But you’ll be in the company of others who know where they’re going, and don’t leave any riders behind.


7. Free coffee, food and swag

This year, in fact, we have three locations: at New Center Park, Old Main at Wayne State University, and the Spirit of Detroit statue for the main morning reception. You could theoretically take in more calories than you burn, if you want (no judgment).

8. Happy hour?

All I’m saying is, it could happen.

What are you waiting for? Sign up.

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the 8 Wood Blog and is used with the express permission of the author. Check it out here. 


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