“Anthem Of Us” Is The Most Inspirational Video Of Detroit Yet

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Director Stephen McGee, with the words of Big Sean and the support of Bedrock Detroit, the real estate company that handles Gilbert’s properties, made a doozy of an inspirational short “film” that’s been setting the Detroiternet on fire, spreading like crazy.

It’s well-shot and visually stunning, and the impromptu words by Big Sean strike a chord. It takes it to the next level. Some might take it as cheesy; but sometimes, we need inspiration.

See, living in Detroit, often, isn’t easy. It’s a hard love sometimes. But it is home. And it’s the people that make it special.

As Big Sean said, “I love you Detroit, I love you for real.” So do we.

  • I am an Australian who has absolutely fallen in love with Detroit, its peoples, its history, its future, its energy, its compassion, its promise, and this is a brilliant video which sums up the question I am always quizzingly asked by people back home, and in even in the US [and Detroit], “why Detroit?” to which I can never really respond with anything other than, “there is just something I cannot explain about Detroit which I passionately love”.
    Thanks you Bedrock and thank you Big Sean for encapsulating what Detroit means to me, I only hope that my dream of living there can become a reality in time.

  • Thanks for the awesome write up. Really stoked on the reception of the film. Keep spreading great news.

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