One of the more magical events in Detroit is when the Detroit Party Marching Band shows up to wherever you’re having fun at.

Now, imagine two days where street bands are in Detroit – that’s right, bands, not just one – and one night, Friday July 15th – when they’re just showing up around town (you’ll be able to get clues via social media). Then, on the 16th, a full day party in Corktown’s Roosevelt Park (that’s in front of the old Michigan Central Station).

All for free for visitors.

Well, that’s what the Crash Detroit festival is like. Last year was a success and brought lots of people out to Roosevelt Park, and bands from around the nation and they’re looking to do it again.

“Our goal is to offer a totally unique musical experience for the crowd and to grow the brass band scene in Detroit and around the rest of the Midwest. There are no stages or amplification – all performances will blur the line between audience and performers,” said James Hartrick, Crash Detroit co-organizer and Detroit Party Marching Band member on an Indiegogo fundraiser page (more on that in a minute).

Bands that are going to play in this year’s fest include the Detroit Party Marching Band, Jefferson St. Parade Band (Bloomington, IN), Environmental Encroachment (Chicago, IL), Dead Music Capital Band (Austin, TX), March Madness Marching Band (Lexington, KY), The Party Band (Lowell, MA), The James Cornish Ensemble (Detroit, MI), Bitch, Thunder! (Toledo, OH), Black Bear Combo (Chicago, IL) and Black Sheep Ensemble (Atlanta, GA).

There will also be food trucks, because you work up a bit of an appetite with all that dancing.

It’s going to be kid friendly, too. There’s going to be a Youth Crash Corps made of Detroit children from the ages of 11-18 that will be playing. They’re still looking for youth band members from the city as well.

So… that Indiegogo part. It’s a free festival, and none of the bands are getting paid, but putting things on still costs money – things like permitting, tents, port-a-potties, and support for the Youth Crash Corps. They’re estimating $3,000 on their project page. The group is a 501c3 under the umbrella of the Allied Media Projects.

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding site where you can support a project, and often there are rewards. This rewards this time around include everything from a drink coozie to t-shirts to the ability to be the drum major for a night – or a private performance from the Detroit Party Marching Band! They don’t do those kinds of appearances too often, so it’d be a real treat. Anything to please the heart of a street band lover.

So whether you decide to donate or not – lace up your dancing shoes for July 15 and July 16 for the Crash Detroit festival.

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