RENDERINGS: 14 Foot Tall Pizza-Shaped Windows To Make Facade Of New Little Caesars HQ

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Pizza! Pizza! or maybe should it be when it comes to the materials of this new building.. Glass! Glass!

Little Caesars provided more details on their new nine-story, 234,000 square foot headquarters on Woodward they’re about to build to accommodate their plans to double their workforce due to increased business around the globe.

The front face of the building will be made mostly of 14 foot tall, triangle-shaped windows to evoke the idea of pizza slices, and there will be an open-plan atrium as well.

If plans are approved by the city, construction could start as early as this summer.

Rendering courtesy Olympia Development.
Rendering courtesy Olympia Development.

The HQ building will be called the Little Caesars Global Resource Center, and will be part of the reimagined Columbia Street neighborhood as part of the greater District Detroit plan that is beginning to unfold in the area of town by the Fox Theatre, up to the new Red Wings arena.

Rendering courtesy Olympia Development.
Rendering courtesy Olympia Development.

It will be, according to Little Caesars, Detroit’s first newly constructed corporate headquarters building in more than a decade and only the seventh since 1950. Detroit-based Brinker-Christman as Construction Manager. Detroit-based SmithGroupJJR is the Architect of Record.

Rendering courtesy Olympia Development.
Rendering courtesy Olympia Development.

Research and development space will triple their current facilities and include a state-of-the-art test kitchen and space for sensory panels and quality assurance operations. Approximately 700 people would work in the building.

Rendering courtesy Olympia Development. Animated gif by Daily Detroit.
Rendering courtesy Olympia Development. Animated gif by Daily Detroit.

They’re also saying the new building will include:

  • Work café, pantries, collaborative workspaces and informal meeting rooms
  • Two-story lobby connected to a new Welcome Center
  • Glass-covered, open air terrace
  • Screening room and 425-seat training room
  • Fitness center
  • Retail and dining (think a company store like you would see in other big cities)

“The Little Caesars Global Resource Center is an important anchor for The District Detroit and will appeal to national and local retailers who want proximity to a global brand with Detroit roots,” said Steve Marquardt, Vice President of Olympia Development of Michigan. “The selection of a Detroit-based construction manager, as well as a Detroit-based architect, further demonstrates our commitment to a Michigan Made, Detroit Built development and reflects the opportunities we continue to create for local and regional contractors and companies.”

There has been local hiring, as well. Olympia has awarded nearly 60 percent of the total contracts to Detroit-based businesses, or roughly about $300 million in work. They share that Detroit residents have logged more than 140,000 work hours on site, and there are more than 40 Detroit resident apprentices working currently.

And as far as Michigan-based companies go, nearly $500 million, or more than 90 percent of contracts so far have gone to those.

Little Caesars was founded 57 years ago and moved to Detroit in 1989. They now employ somewhere around 7,400 people in the city.

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