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Like a flash, Pokemon GO has become a thing. You see folks with their head down in their phones across Metro Detroit, trying to catch a Pidgey or a Pikachu.

The greater downtown area has a ton of Pokemon stops and all manner of Pokemon to find. But what if you caught a ton of Pokemon, got to hang out with fellow players, and saw the city in a whole new light at the same time?

Well, Seven Point Two Tours has a bus and walking tour for you to cover a lot of ground and learn a lot at the same time. The tour is $25 and starts at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, July 16 or you can take the one on Saturday, July 30.

Seating is limited – as there’s a bus – so grab your seat.

During the tour you’ll search through (and learn about) the Central Business District, America’s largest and oldest open-air farmer’s market (Eastern Market), Belle Isle, up-and-coming neighborhoods, the Canfield/Willis shopping district in Midtown, Detroit’s world-class riverfront, and more.

We previously featured Calvin Moore’s Seven Point Two Tours in our list of 14 tours you’ll love. More info on the Pokemon Go event here.