Meet The 10 Businesses Looking For Your Vote To Win $50,000 Through Hatch Detroit

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Hatch Detroit is one of Detroit’s most anticipated entrepreneurship competitions because the public has a huge say in which businesses will get a $50,000 and open in the City of Detroit or the enclaves of Hamtramck or Highland Park within the next year.

This year’s class is no different – but the voting window is short. The primary voting period, from Aug 12-18, to determine the four finalists who will compete to win $50,000 from Comerica Bank and more than $200,000 in pro bono services from Hatch Detroit and its partners.

Previous Hatch Alumni that you may have visited around town include Hugh, La Feria, Batch Brewing, Sister Pie and Live Cycle Delight.

“With more than 150 applications submitted to this year’s contest, it’s clear that Detroit is a destination for small businesses,” said Vittoria Katanski, executive director, Hatch Detroit. “Now it’s up to the community to weigh in on which types of businesses they would like to see in Detroit by voting for their next retail neighbor.”

We went to the launch event and took pics of the goods so you can be a better educated voter. The top 10 businesses seeking public votes are (alphabetically):


Ash & Anvil is the first company to design clothes specifically for younger, shorter guys. After launching a successful eCommerce store, they’re expanding to a brick & mortar location.


Bird Bee is a lifestyle clothing boutique offering a mix of modern bohemian, vintage inspired and contemporary clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories.


Brut Detroit will be Grandmont Rosedale’s neighborhood wine bar, making wine approachable, affordable and fun for everyone through wine tastings, events and friendly service.


Chugga’s Main Street Bakery is a women owned, family operated bakery that is looking to open in Highland Park. They specialize in breads using simple all natural ingredients, that are healthy and nutritious.


Corbé is a ceramic design and manufacturing studio located in the North End of Detroit looking to open up retail space. They handcraft porcelain wares that are simple and useful, built for the modern home and table.


Coriander is looking to expand their urban farm and catering business into a brick & mortar café, featuring casual, affordable, healthy food in a rustic, beautiful environment in Detroit.


Detroit Dart Club hosts Nerf battles, offering a fun way to engage kids and adults in exercise. They’re looking to expand to a second, larger location in Southwest Detroit.


ITADAKU (it-uh-da-ckoo) is a fine-casual sustainable sushi shop opening in Corktown. They make fine dining quality sushi at an affordable price, using sustainable seafood and organic produce.


Meta Physica Massage will open a Wellness Center offering therapeutic bodywork, full spectrum infrared saunas, a raw juice bar, an herbal apothecary and health inspired retail, meditation classes and community workshops.


The Natural Market’s vision is to open a boutique specializing in Handmade Bath, Body & Home Products and customized fragrances.

Group shot of the Hatch Alumni.
Group shot of the Hatch Alumni.

To vote in the primary, you can do so at their website, Hatch Detroit’s Facebook page or vote in person at the following locations:

In this election, it’s okay to vote early and vote often – and vote for multiple people (4 in the primary round). Per the Hatch Detroit website, the three ways to vote are:

  1. The Hatch Detroit Website (once per 24 hours
  2. Hatch Detroit’s Facebook Page (once per 24 hours)
  3. Through the Community Voting Booths (once per location)

Once per 24 hours means that if you vote at 11am the first day, you won’t be able to vote until after 11:01am the following day.

The primary voting period will close Aug. 18 at midnight. Finalists will be announced Friday, Aug. 19 and the general election voting period will begin. The finalists will present their final business pitches to a panel of judges before the winner is announced at the “Hatch Off” event Friday, Aug. 26 at The M@dison Building in Detroit.

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