Detroit Area Has Two Of The Top 25 Museums In America, Says BI

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Detroit has amazing museums that we often don’t give enough praise to. Some may forget them because they’re always here, or not even realize they’re just a short drive away.

Two of our great Detroit area museums were listed in Business Insider’s “The 25 best museums in America, RANKED” this week – and we’d have to agree, they’re pretty amazing and do stand out among the 35,000 or so museums in the country.


Ranked at 16, Greenfield Village/The Henry Ford in Dearborn. It’s really two museums in one – one being the indoor part where you’ll find JFK’s limo, all kinds of artifacts from America’s history, and more. Greenfield Village, outside, is a slice of Americana frozen in time. Not only are there amazing old buildings (some from around the country, some from Detroit) but re-enactments, Model T cars you can ride around in, the Rosa Parks Bus, and much more. We’re partial to the steam train that circles the park and the old-timey baseball they play over on the grove.

The Detroit Institute of Arts. Daily Detroit File Photo.
The Detroit Institute of Arts. Daily Detroit File Photo.

In the top 10, landing at number nine, is our beloved Detroit Institute of Arts. It’s quite an institution to have in our backyard, from the Diego Rivera murals to the Van Gogh and more. If you haven’t checked out its 100 or so galleries and live in Wayne, Oakland or Macomb county, you’re missing out – and thanks to the millage that funds it, it’s free to visit.

It’s good to have a little Detroit pride over these places. They’re not only assets to the community, but they draw thousands in from near and far to visit.

Where to go:

You can find The Henry Ford at 20900 Oakwood Blvd, Dearborn, MI 48124.

The DIA is located at 5200 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48202.

  • I have visited the DIA many times and have always enjoyed it. While traveling across the country we have had the opportunity to visit several other art museums. I was quite surprised to realize what a gem we have in the DIA. Its quality exceeds that of several large city museums. Greenfield Village/Henry Ford is also a pleasure to visit.

  • Glad to hear good things about my beloved city. I was born in Detroit in 1966. Seen good and bad happen over the years. I have traveled extensively throughout the years and I always have hear the negative about Detroit. I am glad and so very proud of the comeback. The City is a dusty jewel glad to see it being polished back . Keep up the good things people.

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