University Of Detroit Mercy Has A New Logo. What Do You Think?

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University of Detroit Mercy new logo
  • Already purchased a new shirt, sweatshirt and cap to wear to the games! I think the logo is nicer than the previous one, but understand why it might not be the biggest hit with some alumni. Go Titans!

  • I am a current student at UDM, and I do not like this logo at all. I do not like the new slogan either. No one was aware that these changes were being made. President Garibaldi said that many groups were asked what they thought of the logo and slogan, but there has been no response as to who these people were. I will not be calling my school Detroit Mercy, it is UDM, or U of D. Is there next step to change the web address as well? I will not be one of the students wearing the shirts with the new logo and slogan on them. Just another reason while I will not be referring anyone to UDM.

  • So many missteps. First U of D farmed it to a Pittsburgh logo shop. Then logo has NO visual recognition to U of D/Mercy. This visual isn’t smart & simply fails immediately with no recognition. I know the team is trying but they need someone with marketing & advertising knowledge. For example, should have involved community in its rebirth from inception. Huge lost opportunities. I do hope the team can overcome the newly created obstacles. O

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