8 Tasty Detroit Area Pizza & Beer Pairings For International Pizza & Beer Day

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We love pizza here at Daily Detroit. When we saw that Sunday, October 9 is International Pizza and Beer Day I decided to throw together a list of our favorite places to get pizza and beer.

Just to add to the festivities I also called around to find out what pizza and beer pairings each restaurant would suggest. You will find that some of them are just basic brews, but quite a few of them are from Michigan breweries.

Although this is an international holiday, there is something special and quintessentially Detroit about getting together with some friends and sharing a hot pizza. Add in the perfect beer to wash the pizza down and you’ve got a great night.

Loui’s Pizza


This pizzeria is a long time mainstay in Hazel Park, and while there are other things on the menu we stick with the pizza. When I want Detroit style pizza, Loui’s is a clutch choice. Don’t forget to order the Antipasto Salad.

Loui’s pizza and beer pairing: Meat Lovers Pizza with a Corona.

23141 Dequindre Avenue Hazel Park, Michigan 48030 – Website

Motor City Brewing Works


Motor City Brewing Works has been brewing beer in Midtown since 1994, and their pizzas are pretty great as well. Each pizza can feed one to two people, so if you have a larger group order a few different types of pizza for variety. They’re opening a second location soon on the Avenue of Fashion in Detroit.

MCBW pizza and beer pairing: Sopla Fuego Pizza with a Bohemian Lager.

470 W. Canfield Detroit, Michigan 48201 – Website

Ottava Via


Chef Arial Millan is touted as one of the best chefs in Metro Detroit, so head over there to try out some of his creations. Ottava Via offers numerous pizzas and their beer selection is pretty great as well.

Ottava Via pizza and beer pairing they recommend is a Fall Pizza (chili hummus, red onion, kale, butternut squash, balsamic, lemon zest, and spiced pepitas) with a Shorts Soft Parade.

1400 Michigan Avenue Detroit, Michigan 48216 – Website

Pop’s For Italian

Pizza at Pop's for Italian. Courtesy photo.
Pizza at Pop’s for Italian. Courtesy photo.

This Ferndale restaurant is relatively new to the scene, and is already making waves in the local community.

Seriously though, the food is good and the decor is beautiful. We hear the brunch at Pop’s is pretty great as well.

Pop’s for Italian pizza and beer pairing: Prosciutto Pizza with Moretti.

280 W. 9 Mile Ferndale, Michigan 48220 – Website

Jolly Pumpkin

Jolly Pumpkin

We had to Jolly Pumpkin to a list dedicated to pizza and beer. It’s a brewery that also serves pizza after all.

Did you know we did a review of Jolly Pumpkin earlier this year? Well, we did so check it out.

Jolly Pumpkin’s pizza and beer pairing: Grilled Chicken Pizza with Oro De Calabaza.

441 W. Canfield Detroit, Michigan 48201 – Website

Green Lantern Pizzeria 


Green Lantern is one of the favorite pizzerias of my extended family. If I want a round BBQ Chicken Pizza this is the place I go to. The cheese bread is on point too. Their pairing is straightforward.

Green Lanterns pizza and beer pairing: Pepperoni Pizza with a Bud Light.

Green Lantern has multiple locations and here is their website.

Buddy’s Pizza 


Buddy’s is probably one of the most known pizzerias in metro Detroit and rightly so. They have been serving up Detroit style pizza since 1946.

Buddy’s Pizza pairing: Detroiter Pizza with Buddy Brew, which is their collaboration with Griffin Claw.

Buddy’s has multiple locations on their website.

Shield’s Pizza 


Shield’s is yet another big hitter in regards to Detroit style pizza, and they have their loyal fans.

Shield’s pizza and beer pairing: Shield’s Super with Founder’s All Day IPA.

Shield’s has multiple locations on their website.

Did we miss your favorite place to have pizza and beer? Let us know!

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  • You forgot Vince’s Restaurant on Springwells in Detroit. Not a fancy brewery, but they serve alcohol and you won’t find better pizza ( or pasta) anywhere!

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