House Of Aperios Seeks To Help Detroit Veterans With Mental Illness

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Veterans are a group of heroes that often fall through the cracks in society. They’re overlooked by their communities most of the year.

They’re underserved by government agencies, stretched thin by budget concerns. Many of Detroit’s homeless population are veterans struggling to scratch out a life for themselves. Their struggle is only compounded by issues of mental health.

Donovan Patton, the founder of House of Aperios, plans to change that. Through clothing sales from the House of Aperios brand, Patton plans to provide resources, programs, and employment for Detroit’s veterans.

A Detroit native and artist, Patton has seen the impact that mental health and homelessness has had on the city’s veterans, and he has a plan to change it.

Photo: Jack Beaudoin

With the money House of Aperios receives from its clothing sales, the company will create workshops and programs to help veterans make the difficult transition to civilian life. By taking the time to help one of Detroit’s often-overlooked subsets, Patton hopes to help the city thrive.

Patton also plans to include music therapy in his resources for veterans. The field of music therapy is a clinical, evidence-based health profession in which music is used within a therapeutic setting to address problems like mental health issues. Treatment plans are created on an individual basis and usually include creating, singing, moving to, and listening to music. The end goal of music therapy is to create non-musical outcomes like enhanced social skills, communication skills, and coping skills.

You can help Patton and House of Aperios change the lives of Detroit’s veterans. The brand has a Patronicity page that offers great incentives for pledges. Contribution opportunities range from two dollars to $1,200. Any donations the campaign receives will go towards helping veterans in Detroit.

Photo: Marcel Brown
Photo: Marcel Brown

Rewards for pledges include clothing from House of Aperios line, spending the day with the House of Aperios team, and screen printing shirts you helped design.

The clothing from House of Aperios is stylish, edgy, and symbolic. The Beware of the Youth shirt is a reminder of the rebelliousness and open mind the youth possess. It’s a fitting reminder to a city looking to move forward that we shouldn’t be stuck in the past.

Photo: Marcel Brown
Photo: Marcel Brown

Patton has a vision that offers opportunity to Detroit’s veterans. Check out the House of Aperios Patronicity page to help him realize that vision.

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