Now You Can Fly A Potato Through Eastern Market From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

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Count this as one of the more fun online Detroit-themed surprises this year.

While looking up some information for another post, we stumbled upon a 404 page. That basically means a page that wasn’t found from a bad link. But what happened next? It made us lose an hour of the day.

Turns out on that 404 page there’s a game where you can fly a potato with wings through Eastern Market, much like the addictive game “Flappy Bird” that was around for awhile. The background is an 8-bit rendering of Eastern Market, so it’s locally themed, too.

You just have to hit the space bar (or click or tap on your phone) to keep your flappy spud in the air and avoid the brick columns. It really works best on a desktop, but it worked for us on a iPhone too.

Here’s a link to make “Flappy Spud” work. Enjoy.

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