There’s a new guide book to Detroit by none other than the Nain Rouge himself, and it’s excellent

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There is a new Detroit guide book now available for purchase, Things I Do In Detroit: A Guide Book To The Coolest Places By The Nain Rouge. This isn’t your run of the mill guide book; this one is from the perspective of our very own red gnome.

Obviously the book really isn’t written by the Nain Rouge, but I can suspend my belief for a while. Dave Krieger is the author and photographer of the book. A native Detroiter, Krieger has been a well known photographer for over 30 years.

Love him or hate him, the Nain Rouge has been an integral part of Detroit’s folklore. Has he really been the cause of all the bad things that have happened in Detroit since the beginning? Or is he just misunderstood? You’ll have to buy the book to find out.

Photo courtesy of Dave Krieger.
Photo courtesy of Dave Krieger.

The guide book takes you to more than 100 locations throughout the city. The book is broken into sections, so it is easy to find what you are looking for.

Each location includes a brief synopsis by Krieger, and the Nain’s own take. The photos are where the book shines. There is something fun and cheeky about a smiling Nain Rouge holding a tennis racket at the Indian Village Tennis Club, or him serving Saganaki in Greek Town.

You might be wondering what the Nain’s favorite location in the city is. I know I was.


“His favorite place would be the Masonic Temple or The DIA because that is where he hangs,” said Krieger. “Other than that he is not one dimensional. He is well versed in art, sports, and music that he loves to go everywhere. It’s not so much one place, but it is Detroit. That is his favorite place.”

There are a few ways that you can pick up a copy of the book. You could stop into Detroit Mercantile, Pure Detroit, City Bird, MOCAD, and the Detroit Artist Market and purchase the book.

Or you could head over to Kickstarter to check out the current fundraiser. Krieger is raising money to help offset the cost of printing Things I Do In Detroit. There are quite a few fun gifts if you decide to throw some cash in that direction, including a tour with the Nain Rouge for you and some friends.

I absolutely love books about Detroit. I have two book shelves filled with books about the architecture, art, folklore, food, history, and places to go. Make no mistake, this entertaining book will be a gift to a few friends this holiday season.

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