New baby boutique Little High Flyers in Midtown aiming to take off

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Little High Flyers baby boutique

Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time. On Thursday I needed to be in Midtown for the Treymore Apartment building ribbon cutting, but I was really early. I decided to take a few laps around the neighborhood to check out all of the new things going on down there.

What should I see out of the corner of my eye as I made my way up Cass but a new store called Little High FlyersThe new store is sandwiched between Source Bookstore and Hugh.

Immediately I knew I needed to come back around to check it out once the ribbon cutting was finished. I’m glad that I did, because this store is adorable.

Remember how I waxed poetic about Modern Natural Baby in the Small Business Saturday post? Get ready, because I’m going to do the same thing about Little High Flyers.

Corina Baldwin began Little High Flyers when she found some cute aviator hats from a women in London, England. She bought them for her and her friends children.

What started out as a pop up business has now turned into a brick and mortar store front. The store itself is bright and colorful with a touch of whimsy. They also have a play area for the kids if you are bringing them with you to shop. It is this attention to detail that makes me want to point this store out.

Baldwin, who is a mother of two, found finding cute gender neutral clothing pretty hard. And if you add in organic to the search box your options become pretty limited.

This store is great because it helps meet the growing demand for clothes and toys that don’t encouraging gender stereotyping. Baldwin has traveled through Europe and the United States looking for items to sell in her shop, so you don’t have to.

The clothes are adorable. Along with clothing from the United States you will also find items from Germany, Spain, England, and Sweden.

There are other items for sale besides clothing. There are wooden planes, trains, and automobiles. They also have stuffed animals and artwork for nursery walls.

It is really hard to pick my favorite item in the store, because there were so many things I wanted to bring home with me. I might have to say my favorite thing were the animal sleeping masks, or the T-Rex onesie.

Hours: Monday through Saturday 11 a.m.- 7 p.m., Sunday 11 a.m.- 5 p.m. Little High Flyers is located at 4240 Cass Ave, Suite 106 Detroit, Michigan 48201



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