Our Top 10 Reader Favorite Posts Of 2016

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What is the end of the year without top ten lists? We love writing lists. And it seems you love reading them.

Spoiler alert: Three of our top ten posts of the year were lists, and speak to the fun nature of how Daily Detroit was founded — in the back of a bar, with the first version being built over a few $1 beer nights at Nancy Whiskey.

Our entire team (most are taking a break until next week) wants to extend a giant thank you for 2016. Of course, thank you to all who attended our Daily Detroit drinks event as well and our hundreds of reader members who have made possible the improvements we’ve been able to make and will make in 2017.

This has been, and will continue to be, a journey we never expected but are very thankful for.

Now without further ado, on to our list of top ten most visited posts for 2016.

10. A Block Away, But A World Apart: Detroit And Grosse Pointe Schools Have Largest Poverty Divide In Nation

One of the big themes for this year was education, or the lack of quality education in Detroit.

Our number ten post highlights the disparity between the boarder of Grosse Pointe and Detroit in regards to the property values and school budgets.

9. 19 Awesome Detroit Dive Bars You’re Going To Want To Visit

I don’t know if you knew this or not, but we like to drink at Daily Detroit. We’re, on balance, are huge fans of dive bars. Our number nine post goes to show that you guys like dive bars too.

So what is your favorite dive bar? I have a fondness for My Dad’s. It’s close to my old east side stomping grounds and it feels like home.

8. After 60 Years, Detroit Has A Streetcar Again (PICS, VIDEO)

Transit was another topic that we covered a lot this year between Regional Transit and the Q-Line/M1 Rail. We love writing about public transit and it seems that you like reading about it.

Our number eight post shows off the arrival of one of the new streetcars that will be going up and down Woodward.

7. Ford Announces Job Training Program For People With Autism

Our number seven post features a story about Ford working with Autism Alliance of Michigan to develop a training program for those on the spectrum.

6. Abandoned Dog Tied Up With Bungee Cords Rescued By Children In Detroit

What seems like a really sad story about an abandoned dog, turned out to have a happy ending in our top six post. The four boys who found her abandoned dog named her Sparkle, and she was taken in by Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue.

There’s a happy ending to this story, as we found out following up on what happened to the dog for this list. She was transferred to Pet Tales Rescue in Grand Rapids and she was adopted through their organization into a good home.

5. What Everyone’s Missing About Detroit’s Teacher Situation: I’ve Already Earned That Money

We’ve reached the midway point. Here we are at our number five post.

We published a guest post by a Detroit public school teacher, after it was announced that there was not going to be funding to pay DPS teachers through the summer. It was an especially tense time for teachers.

BTW — If you have something you’d like to share on our site, send us a note for consideration.

4. More Than 100 Michigan Schools To Be Closed Based On Test Scores They Were Told Wouldn’t Count

This post goes in depth about of the 100 Michigan schools that could have been facing closure at the end of this school year. Things have shifted a little bit since this post, but still many schools are facing tall challenges.

3. 7 Places Around Detroit With Mob Stories

Who doesn’t like a good mob story? Our number three post was all about some of the places around Detroit that had mob activity.

While some of the places are no longer around, you could always visit The Book Cadillac, Belle Isle, and the Leland Hotel.

2. Being A Regular At A Neighborhood Bar Makes You Happier, Says Study

Our number two post is about a study that says that finding your very own Cheers will help you be happier. I know I’m pretty happy when I am able to get out to my favorite neighborhood bar.

1. 25 Fun Things To Do In Detroit This Summer That Are $5 Or Less

We’ve made it to our number one post of 2016! We loved making this list of 25 fun things to do in Detroit during the summer.

There are still plenty things on that list that you can do right now even though it is winter. I do kind of miss the summer though. Run to the Whitcomb Conservatory on Belle Isle if you ever need to warm your bones for an hour and pretend you’re in Florida without the airfare.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!

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