Check Out This New Photo Of Detroit From The International Space Station

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Detroit from Space Shane Kimbrough

Early on Tuesday astronaut Shane Kimbrough who is stationed on the International Space Station posted a pretty cool photo of Detroit, Toledo and Cleveland at night.

One thing we noticed right away was the color of the lighting in the city and suburbs are different. We can’t say for sure, but most of the city is now covered in whiter LED lights whereas a lot of the suburbs are under the yellow glow of a more traditional streetlight. Recently, Detroit completed the installation of 65,000 LED streetlights in the city.

The detail on this one is pretty great too, instead of it just being a blog of lights, you can see major roads. We’ve embedded the full tweet below – give him a follow!

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  • The article references Detroit/Toledo. Isn’t that actually Windsor Canada directly across the river from Detroit and Lake St. Clair? Toledo and Lake Erie are “down river”.

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